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Like Dick Hoyt, I run for my son.  Lucas is non verbal but expresses his joy through one of the most infectious laughs that you wil ever hear.  The faster we go, the bigger the smile.  He pushes me.  He pushes us. Therefore, we push on.


Team Hoyt got my wife and I thougth some pretty dark times as Lucas lay in the NICU at birth. As new parents we only knew that we wanted to provide the best opportunities for our son and seeing these guys out of Boston doing their thing, we were inspired and followed their path. Athletics have always been a part of our lives and becasue of them we saw a path in which to introduce Lucas to competition and sport.  


Today we carry on their message of inclusion and have formed the Team Hoyt Arizona chapter in which we provide these same opportunities to disabled athletes and thier families in our own community.  As a result, we have formed relationships accross the country and throughout the world with equally inspiring people.


I am doing this to support the Team Hoyt Foundation which has changed my life.  Being asked to be on this team is a huge responsibility.  In an effort to raise the $7500 for my team bib number, I am selling this amazing design that our team will be wearing on race day.  We are wearing the signature of the legends on our hearts.  


Please help me reach this goal and donate so that I may pay it forward in helping others realize that Yes You Can

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